Project Quinoa, A Roaring Success….

Hello, Everyone!

I hope that you all survived Monday. Ours was pretty great here because we had some friends over for dinner and it was a really good time. Lydia and I made “One Pot Mexican Quinoa” and it was delicious. I could easily say that it was my favorite quinoa recipe so far. I haven’t tried many recipes yet though, so I plan to keep exploring this new and interesting ingredient. I want to incorporate more of it into our diet because it is so good for you and actually tastes great if you make it right.

Here are the two Quinoa recipes I have tried and loved so far:

We left out cilantro because I personally think that stuff is one of the worst things I have ever tasted. We added extra broth while it was simmering as well. I have found that quinoa recipes never call for enough liquid for it to actually cook right, so I am always adding more than called for. We also prefer more spice and added extra chili powder.

I would recommend serving this with some sour cream, pickled jalapenos and a little cheese to top it off. We ate it with corn chips.

I also made “Quinoa Fried Rice” which was full of veggies and super yummy.

I once again added extra liquid to my quinoa. I added mixed veggies rather than just peas and I also added broccoli. I would recommend putting in one TBS of soy sauce at a time and tasting it as you go. The recipe called for too much for our liking, but it really depends on what you prefer.  I also cooked up some chicken on the side for William. I just pan-fried it with a little soy sauce and sesame oil. It was apparently very good.

I would highly recommend both of these recipes. If you’re only cooking for yourself or for two, you could definitely keep it and use it for lunches throughout the week. I think they taste even better after sitting in their own flavors for a bit.

Sorry for not taking pictures! I was too busy stuffing my face. Both times.

Talk to you soon!

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School time blues..


Hello, Everyone!

I am writing this post from my lovely kitchen table on my new Surface. I am not very good at typing on this flat little keyboard yet, so this will be good practice for when I have to write my papers with it.

Speaking of papers, I wanted to talk about school. I would say I’m a decent student. I get perfectly respectable grades with the occasional killer grade because I work pretty hard to keep my GPA up. I wouldn’t consider myself a GREAT student because I really don’t enjoy school…. That’s right, I said it. There is nothing enjoyable about spending hours on end writing page after page about a subject you couldn’t care less about. It isn’t a joy to dissect children’s books three times a week, trying with all of your might to come up with a deep meaningful message behind One Fish, Two Fish. I truly don’t enjoy school like many of my friends do.

Despite this distaste, I still love learning. I have taken a few classes on subject that mean a lot to me and really enjoyed them. I love reading with a passion. I have really experimented this year by reading all kinds of genres, from dorky teen romance to a history of Cob & Co. I love to write. I have written for NaNoWriMo for several years and completed a novel of 50,000 words or more every time, bettering my skills as I went.

Learning doesn’t have to be conventional. It doesn’t have to be sitting and highlighting eight million sections of a textbook in hopes that you don’t miss any information that could be useful for a test or thesis. Learning about the things you love and have a true interest in is extremely important in my humble opinion. I have kept all of my textbooks related to literature and photography because I really get a lot out of them. They are useful to me because they teach me about subjects that resonate with me. I can safely say that I won’t be keeping my math book around after this semester.

All this being said, I am finishing up my associates this semester, which is great. I am also battling with myself on whether or not I should keep going with my education. I wouldn’t mind getting a bachelors degree if I actually knew where I wanted to go with my life. Figuring myself out has been a real challenge for me.

I suppose that’s all for now.

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Oops… (The random update)

Hello, Everyone!

So I suppose I lost my habit of writing regularly, which really stinks because I was kind of enjoying it. I got kind of busy and then I got kind of uninterested in anything at all for a bit because I go through phases. Also my laptop barely works anymore, so there’s that. I will be getting a new one soonish so I will get back into it soon hopefully!

Here are the important updates:

  • I have started one of my part-time jobs and the other starts this month, so I will be working two jobs and hopefully not losing my mind.
  • William and I spent three days watching every Harry Potter with our lovely friends and it was so awesome that I had to pause my random books from the library sale and start reading Harry Potter right away. So far I am obviously loving it.
  • School starts September 14th and I am not one bit ready or excited.
  • My older sister left for China and it is both depressing and exciting because she is my bestest friend and I’ll miss her, but it’s also her dream job and she kicks butt and I am pumped for her.
  • I am trying to cook healthier food so I bought spaghetti squash and quinoa… We’ll see.

That’s all I can really think of at the moment.


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